So what is up with GMO crops anyway?

It is true that much of the public is being misinformed. The practices of modern agriculture and large scale farming are leaving the soils depleted of nutrients. Growing more in less space causes plants to grow weaker and susceptible to pests and weeds. To control these pest and weeds we need more pesticides and herbicides. In order to dump more chemicals we need crops that will survive the use of them. This is what many crops that are genetically modified are designed to do. The same companies that are pushing GMO crops on us are making the pesticides and herbicides.
Meanwhile we are ingesting these chemicals. Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Autism are on the rise with no apparent cause. There is a reason GMO’s are banned in many European countries – and if not banned – labeling is required in 64 countries. Meanwhile members of the Supreme Court and the FDA are also employed or have been employed by these same companies that engineer the GMO crops and the pesticides and herbicides that are dumped on them. Get informed spread the word. Here is a good place to start.

Are you pissed off yet?

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